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“Luft nach oben”-App Wins Audience Award at Oldenburg Prototypenparty

Being one of the two functional prototypes from the Creator Space: Go!, Pia’s “Luft nach oben” app not only aroused the interest of creative minds at the 5th Prototypenparty in Oldenburg, but also won the audience award in the end.

The Oldenburg Prototype Party has not only established itself with product developers and founders, but also with designers and representatives of the economy. Now in its fifth year, the event once again brings together innovative prototypes with so-called “feedbackers”, who provide extensive feedback on the realization of individual ideas after extensive testing.

“I try to get around by bike more and more regularly, but what’s the use anyway?” A question to which Pia would like to provide an answer in the future. The climate app she has developed is intended to bring transparency to our personal CO2 balance in the future and show individual approaches to reducing CO2 consumption. The special thing about it is that the app is intended to offer transparency in all areas of life, whereas other providers have so far only concentrated on individual ones.

We are not only happy that Pia won the prototype trophy, but also that she collected important feedback for the climate app Codyo. We would also like to thank the Oldenburg prototype party for their tremendous support.

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