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This is What The “Luft nach oben”-Prototype Looks Like (Screenshots incl.)

Should we realy create a climate app? An app that deals with the personal CO2 balance of the users and gives them individual recommendations on how they can make their contribution? Pia addressed this question last year as part of Creator Space: Go! and developed a prototype called “Luft nach oben”, which is intended to help gain experience.

The objective was to discuss the initial ideas with a wide variety of people as early as possible and to generate feedback in order to identify weaknesses as quickly as possible and to further develop the idea.

In order to get a clear picture of the idea, Pia and Mabute have developed a visual “Luft nach oben” prototype, which shows the initial functions and offers a lot of potential for the first discussions. Below you can find the first screenshots of a possible app. What do you think about the „Luft nach oben“ prototype? How do you like the design and which functions would you like to see?

Feel free to send us your feedback via Facebook or Twitter, but you can also use the feedback function here on our website. We are looking forward to the opportunity to exchange ideas with you!

Take a look at the “Luft nach oben” prototype:

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