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Carbon Fasting – Or: “If Not Now, Then When”?!

For almost six weeks we have been working as two teams on the climate app Cadyo. During these six weeks I have asked myself more often than ever before how I can make my contribution, i.e. how I can save carbon. And the impulsive answer is: “I dont know”.

With all of the options I can think of – less to no cars, no air travel etc. – I immediately have a ‚but‘ in my head. Drive less? But with a small child and the everyday travel time, cycling or public transport is incredibly inconvenient and slower. No air travel? But holidays in foreign cultures are my favourite – and I can’t go without them.

Does saving carbon mean that I have to “go without” something?

Go without. It seems to have something to do with sacrifice. Or is it just my habits and comfort that make me think so?

Today is the beginning of lent. For 40 days or almost seven weeks, until Easter, renunciation is in the foreground. And this seems to have become a real trend during Lent: Meat, alcohol, and sweets are the classics of Lent.

It gets more unusual with social media, make-up or even car fasting – for which my friend Claudia is competing with her colleagues.

The internal Codyo carbon fasting challenge

Inspired by fasting: If my “making a contribution” felt like doing without, why not start at that time and fasting for carbon consumption?

And who knows, maybe I feel like Alicia Keys, who changed her habit and even after three years still goes without make-up. Maybe the next seven weeks will also change my habit(s)?! After all, it’s almost the eight weeks it takes from a scientific point of view.

But even then: What should it be? What makes a contribution and what can I do without for 40 days? You can read more about our internal Codyo carbon fasting challenge in the second part of my article – and of course, I would be pleased if you would join us on social media?!

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