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First Feedback: Why Do You Want to Create Codyo With Us?

You’ve been in on this from the beginning? In our first newsletter we asked why you want to create Codyo with us and we need your feedback!

On March 3rd, 2020 we sent out the first Codyo Community Newsletter. We wanted to know what has already motivated so many users* (75) to participate – even though the Codyo climate app is not available for download yet. The first responses showed us: We have succeeded in creating curiosity!

In addition, the impression is created that many users* are concerned about the effects of their actions on the climate. However, there seems to be a lack of transparency. But there are also compressed sources to inform themselves. Laziness and convenience do not play the cards – I know the feeling! There is a lack of practical, but above all individual approaches to what can be done – so it seems. Everyone also agrees: “Climate protection is important. And for this, it needs as many people as possible who have understood this and live with awareness.”

So it is only logical that the majority of the codyo community (about 90 percent) wants to create awareness and inform themselves. Furthermore, many (about 60 percent) want to contribute by becoming active. But you can already become active by networking with us or sharing the idea of codyo among friends – because that’s how you make your contribution.

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