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Team Codyo: A Colourful Mix of Differences And Similarities

What about you, do you always want to know who the people are behind an idea, a project, an event or anything like that? It is the characters who make a project – of whatever nature – into what it is. And besides, it’s incredibly exciting to meet new people and their ways of thinking. This is reason enough to give you the opportunity to learn something about the minds that make up Codyo.

In the status quo there are exactly two of us: Kim-Christopher and Ann-Kathrin. And probably – at least at first sight – we couldn’t be more different!

The Codyo team is characterized by differences…

First, the obvious: Kim is a man. I’m a woman. But there’s more to it than just that. Kim speaks his mind freely – constantly. At least I think so. I, on the other hand, am more the type to think carefully and weigh up. So I need at least a rough idea or an initial plan. Kim, on the other hand, just goes for it. He likes football. I’ve never liked ball sports. Even though I have four brothers. Kim, on the other hand, has a sister.

He has no problem working alone for days on end. I, on the other hand, need the occasional interaction within the team. That’s why the step from Open Space to a two-person office was not easy for me. Kim, however, enjoyed it. The fewer structures the better, he thinks. I’ll create some. Not within social media. That’s Kim’s territory.

… and at the same time there are lots of similarities!

Despite these numerous differences – or perhaps because of them – our cooperation has worked extremely well so far. At least in my view, our different ways of thinking complement each other well. At the same time, however, we do not lack the common ground that allows us to pull together. Here, too, it is more than obvious: the hyphen in our first names.

We are both very solution-oriented. We want to create something (new) – we agree on that. In doing so, we bring a healthy dose of ambition, a high level of commitment and a wealth of ideas. Our enthusiasm for the cause drives us. We want to understand how we can inspire people to do just that – and do it. We want to test it and show that it works

What other questions do you have for us, the brains behind Codyo? What do you think it takes to inspire people for the Codyo climate app?

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