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About us

Because there is no plan(et) B

Our Vision

Why we do what we do

At Codyo, we take on the greatest challenge of mankind. We believe in the power of small things and want to encourage others to act!

Sustainability plays an important role in private life. The – still increasing – CO2 concentration in the Earth’s atmosphere will have devastating and irreversible consequences for us, but also for the Earth. For this reason, we have made it our goal to develop a climate app that adapts to the needs and interests of users, has a friendly design, and can be easily integrated into everyday life.

In other words, we want to encourage users to recognise their savings potential and make their contribution to climate change.

The team

Who is behind Codyo?

Ann-Kathrin Detels

Ann-Kathrin Detels

Business Innovation

Kim-Christopher Granz

Kim-Christopher Granz

UX, Branding & Marketing

Pia Peters

Pia Peters

Idea Provider

Our story

How was Codyo created?

It all started with Creator Space: Go!, a five-month project within the EWE Business Innovations department to test new ways of working on the topic of “mobility”.

Using different approaches and methods, such as design thinking or jobs-to-be-done, it was possible to identify needs in connection with mobility. Based on this, two prototypes were developed and tested on different people. One of these prototypes was called “Luft nach oben”, an app to determine your own carbon footprint and to minimize it.

After the “Luft nach oben” app won the audience award at the Oldenburg Prototype party, Pia Peters decided to pass on the collected findings to Ann-Kathrin Detels and Kim-Christopher Granz, so that a fully functional app could be created, which includes all previously tested functions as well as additional ones.