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Show your responsibility with Codyo

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What value does Codyo bring to companies?

Codyo supports your company to assume its responsibility within climate change by promoting awareness, acceptance and action of employees at all levels and by involving customers.

Even though we believe in the power of the little things: Your organization has a great responsibility to make its contribution to climate change – because this potential is far greater than that of individuals. ​

​You want to inspire the individual members in your company to​ unleash your power? And thus also activate their contribution​ beyond the company boundaries? Great, then we look forward to​ getting to know you!​

Sign up today and let’s work together to explore the possibilities of using Codyo in your organization:​

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Activate your employees on all levels!

Create networked challenges and motivate your employees to become active – in their professional and private lives.​

Follow the company's progress!

Set targets at all levels and track the company-wide savings of the activities.​

Show your responsibility as a company!

Make your initiatives visible, provide information and engage in dialogue with the Codyo community.