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Carbon Fasting: Background to The Internal Codyo Challenge

Granted: I had to convince Kim to do my carbon fasting challenge. Carbon fasting? “Yeah, you could do that.” Setting a good example? “Yeah, makes sense. I could ride my bike to work two days a week.” The project then appears to falls in the category of self-restraint – at least to some extent. But what impact does the challenge have on Kim’s carbon footprint?

Kim currently covers a distance of four kilometers (one direction) five times a week in his Ford Fiesta to work. The fuel consumption of his car is around six litres. If you enter the data into the Quarks carbon calculator, this means – in carbon terms – that Kim consumes about 0.8 kg of carbon per trip – or: 25.2 kg in seven weeks of fasting. Although, I do not know Kim’s carbon footprint one hundred percent, if you assume an average German who consumes about 1.5 t of carbon in seven weeks, this represents a saving of an outstanding 1.7 percent. Not eye-catching enough? No, because it is a start!

CO2-Fasten - Fahrrad

A carbon footprint calculator was used to look for potential savings

The bar is high and I would also like to save at least 1.7 percent carbon. I use the carbon footprint calculator from Brot für die Welt to find out where I have the most potential. My first thought was: “Please don’t let it be air travel!”

After I had answered 13 questions about nutrition, housing, mobility and consumption, the result was: The largest part of my footprint is in the area of nutrition, mobility and housing. There is little I can do about living (except perhaps my heating habits), I have already expressed my pain about mobility, so it will probably be about nutrition.

Surprisingly, this fits in very well with my spontaneous overnight plan: over the next few weeks I will reduce my coffee consumption from five to six cups to a maximum of two to three cups a day. In addition, I want to avoid animal products as much as possible. I find this difficult to measure, but at least it seems possible, doesn’t it?!

Have you ever used a carbon footprint calculator? Feel free to give us your feedback in the comments or follow us on Facebook and Instagram. We are looking forward to the interaction with you!

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