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Your app for climate and sustainability

Get more transparency about your individual carbon consumption with the Codyo climate app. Receive personalized recommendations on how you can make your contribution to climate protection. - Discover

Our vision

Why Codyo?

At Codyo, we take up the biggest challenge of humanity. We believe in the power of little things and we want to motivate to act! Our climate app rises from a need, is friendly designed, and can be easily integrated into everyday life. Are you ready to make your personal carbon contribution? - Kampagne - Start 1

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It’s up to us to change the world

We are facing a global challenge that we can only solve as a world community. Be part of the change and inspire others to do something as well. - Interessen

Individual and Personal

Get recommendations that suit your everyday life

Would you like to make your own contribution to climate protection? Receive personalized recommendations for actions from us that suit you, your everyday life and your interests – and learn how to improve your CO2 balance.


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The guests at the prototype party in Oldenburg were particularly interested in Pia Peters‘ “Luft nach oben” application.



Our journey

Do you want to learn more about Codyo? Then you’ve come to the right place. In our blog we inform you about all news and developments around our project. Regular visits are worthwhile: There is a lot to discover!