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Our prototype

Test now and give feedback!

We have made it our mission to develop a climate app that is on the one hand geared to your needs and on the other hand can be easily incorporated into your everyday life. Thanks to our prototype it is possible for us to involve you in the development at an early stage, we give you a preview of our final app, so to speak. Among other things, we are interested in the following questions: “What appeals to you”, “What do you think is stupid”, or “Which functions are particularly important from your point of view”? - Prototyp - Sketch

Step 1

Join the Codyo community

Click on Join Now!, to register to the Codyo community without any obligations. You will then receive an e-mail with a link to our prototype – there you can test it. - Prototyp - Kommentare

Step 3

We need your feedback

Click on the button with the speech bubble and the text “Comment” at the bottom right to let us know your thoughts. You can also add your comments to existing feedback.

NoteThe comment function is only activated on desktops.